Man with a plan…

If you haven’t read Tony Dungy’s books; then I would recommend getting them. Tony Dungy talks about having a plans and says that you wouldn’t think about going into an NFL game on Sunday without properly preparing throughout the week. ”We do things with our lives we wouldn’t dream of doing on the football field,” says Dungy, referring to men having a lack of a plan for life. Unfortunately, too many men go into daily life as a man, dad and husband with no plan as to how to get the job done. And with no vision for where men want to go with their lives in those roles, it’s almost impossible to do it well.

So what is your plan? Will you take the next step and start to plan for succeeding in the important role of leading your family? It may be by reading the game plan (God’s Word), casting a vision for your family’s future in the areas of finances, your marriage, spiritual discipline, or helping devise household guidelines in areas like the use of computer and the programs that are watched, dating and purity and all the other areas that a man needs to have a plan for his family to succeed. It may feel overwhelming at times. Remember Tony Dungy didn’t do it all by himself. He surrounded himself with the best coaches he could find. That’s where we make so many of our mistakes. We don’t plan and then we don’t ask for help when we try to put a plan together. Surround yourself with other like-minded men and encourage each other in this arena.

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