How do you define relationship?

Relationship (noun):
a) a connection, association or involvement
b) connection between persons by blood or marriage
c) an emotional or other connection between people

I participated in a work related team building event yesterday. The facilitator talked about the importance of building relationships. Our team consisted of people that I knew and those that I did not know. We had to come together quickly to resolved physical challenges as a team. A self-focused attitude was not going to produce success.

I would contend that…especially in our “me first” society…most people enter a relationship with what they can get out of it, rather than what they can give to it. What do individuals think that being in a relationship is going to provide for them? A cure for loneliness? A person to make them happy? A person to meet their needs? A change from what they’ve experienced in your life?

Where have people developed these relationship expectations? Stories, romance novels, television, friends, nursery rhymes, films, magazines, comics, cartoons, your own family, songs, ballads, fairy tales, myths, legends and so on.

Relationships…just like a team…requires a shared purpose. Just as one needs a purpose in life – something to aspire to, to feel a sense of achievement, growth and self-worth – one needs a purpose in a relationship. An individual without a sense of purpose is lost in life like a couple without a purpose is lost in a relationship. That purpose is how one is able to measure growth and progress. More importantly, that purpose provides a common interest, vision and goal in which both individuals can jointly work towards and share in its successes and failures.

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to share your completeness with them.

Be Strong. Act like Men.

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