A Measure of Love

If I were to ask you how you love your wife you may have a pretty hard time putting words around that. Better yet if she were to ask you the same question you would probably start looking for the remote and try to subtly change the topic. Fact of the matter is we’re men, and we don’t typically think about the HOW we are loving our spouses. Sure we can say, “I Love You,” or even describe what we love about our wives, but that will usually be a description of what WE get from that love. Don’t be alarmed; we are selfish beings.   It’s part of who we are, but there is a solution.

Read 1 Cor 13 again (I say again because I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another over-played usage of the ‘Love’ chapter.”). In fact, it is a great place to go to remind yourself HOW you should love your wife. Challenge yourself to start being a servant in your love and not only a recipient of her love.  My marriage has always been great, but if I am honest often times that was due to what I taking from it, not what I was putting into it.

Having God at the center of your marriage is key, but He will not work alone. You are expected to continue to put the effort into seeking  His direction and working on growing closer together and towards Him. Get this right, and I promise you won’t start looking for the remote next time she asks to describe your love.


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