Say Sorry

Have you ever heard the expression, “Love is never having to say you’re sorry?”

Sometimes I wonder how such utterly ridiculous expressions become commonly accepted. If you’re close to someone, you’re going to step on their toes occasionally. And when you hurt someone, especially your wife, it’s important to say, “I’m sorry.”

Not only is it important to say “I’m sorry,” but it’s important to say it well. Usually the words alone are not enough. You have to get inside your wife’s heart, feel their pain, and in order for them to forgive you, they have to feel completely understood. Otherwise, you might say, “I’m sorry,” and she might say, “It’s okay,” but nothing will change. You could be stuck in that hurt for years.

Guys…be a man and take ownership when you mess up. Say you are sorry and mean it. Pray with your wife.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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