Searching for sea glass

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” James 1: 17

Each trip to Cape Cod includes waking up early and hitting the beach before 5:30am to search for sea glass.  Sea glass is made when regular glass gets into the ocean. While finding a whole bottle may be preferable, one generally works with shards of broken glass. They wash into the sea, bang around for a few decades, and gradually get the edges rounded off and acquire a frosted appearance.  I’ve found that white and brown are the most common creating even more pleasure when you find green or blue.

It was my seventh summer walking the beaches near Brewster with my wife searching for the sometimes elusive treasure.  It’s just the two of us walking along the beach with only the sound of the water and the seagulls.  It has become my most favorite part of the week.

As we walk along – we find plenty of pieces that are not done.  It can feel like the unfinished pieces are ten times more plentiful than the finished treasures.  It does lead to moments of doubt and questioning why we are still out here walking around.  Wait…there it is.  Rounded edges.  Frosted.  It is beautiful.  It motivates you to keep walking.  It validates the effort and confirms the journey.

I’ve been reflecting this past week on those morning hunting trips.  It is easy to wonder how or even if God is executing His plan around us.  We can walk through life simply dealing with the unfinished.  It can be discouraging.  I would ask you to see the beauty that God has already place around you…the water, the birds, the sunrise, the loved ones.  God has place wonderful things along your path.  Take some time this week to see and appreciate them.

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