It’s On You

“The Lord God called to the man, Where are you?” – Genesis 3:9

Eve was tempted by the serpent. Eve shared the fruit with Adam. And who did God call out for?

Adam. Not Eve.

God has provided our marriages with the keys to success. It includes specific guidelines for marriage. A quick read would indicate that husband and wives have an equal stake in marital success.

And yet….God sought out Adam.

Our wives are a huge contributor to the success or failure of our marriages; however we have been given responsibility for the condition of our marriage. Are you leading in a manner that would inspire your wife to follow? Are you walking in step with Christ in a way that your wife will want to emulate? Are your actions building trust and creating security in your marriage?

God created us to lead, love, and protect our wives. Most importantly…God called us to lead by following Him.


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