What do I do?

I have some ideas of what to do today. Why don’t you walk up to a wall and bang your head against it in hopes it moves? Or, instead of driving your car to the store, why don’t you carry it on your back instead? And, why not ask the cat to take out the garbage?

Hopefully, you think these are crazy, painful, impossible ideas. But, unfortunately, you might be doing some other things that are equally crazy, painful, impossible:

-Wanting things out of your control to change.
-Tossing time, money and energy towards things out of your control.
-Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
-Getting angry, scared, frustrated, or depressed about any of that.

This week, when faced with “What do I do?” I invite you to do what you can, and do what moves you closer to yourself, others, God. Everything else leave be. Surrender, turn it over, hand it over, wait, pray, and have a nice day.

Or, I have an idea: bury yourself up to the waist in wet cement…wait a few hours…then kick as hard as you can…

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