Stay the Course

You might be interested to learn that 2/3s of unhappy couples who stay together say their marriage is significantly better within five years. Five years? How can you make it through five years? It requires that you and your spouse tie yourselves to the mast.
Your English teacher was right. You would use this information someday….think back to when you read the Odyssey in high school. Forgot? Me too…so here you go:

Odysseus encountered the Island of the Sirens. The creatures that lived on the island possessed enchanting voices that distracted sailors from their journey and imprisoned them forever (think about the sirens in the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”). As Odysseus’ crew passed by, the creatures sung their beautiful song, but he knew the dangers. He put wax in the crew’s ears and ordered that he be tied to the mast. Odysseus commanded that the crew stay true to their course no matter how bad their circumstances seemed.

God created marriage to be a covenant – a deeply binding commitment designed to help us weather out the most difficult circumstances. It requires that we tie ourselves to the mast. You have to dismiss the negative voices that might convince you that divorce is an easy option to your troubles.

Commit yourself and your marriage to a course of growth and healing. With hard work and faithfulness to God….you will discover the marriage that you’ve always dreamed of.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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